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Day 8, Engine 2 Fall 2014 Northeast PA 28 day challenge, discovering delicata!

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Today was a good food day with a new food to check off of our list of things we haven’t tried–delicata squash! It was beautiful, smelled heavenly as it baked, was sweet and had, well, a delicate flavor! We didn’t add anything to it but a little pepper at the table and it was perfect just as it was. I was going to cube it to add it to the chili I was making, but it was too soft, so we just had it as a side dish. I’m looking forward to finding more of these. We were given the two we had today by a friend who got them in her CSA from Purple Pepper Farms.

Delicata squas

Breakfast- Happy Herbivore whole wheat pancakes with blueberries made with white whole wheat flour (yes, it is a whole grain flour).

Blueberry pancakes

Lunch- Thai soup based on a Happy Herbivore recipe to help my daughter’s sore throat and runny nose and leftover quinoa tabbouleh.

Thai soup for Annabelle

Supper- Three bean chili with crushed tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper, jalapeno, garlic and delicata squash.

Roasted delicata Chili and delicata

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