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Days 23-25, Engine 2 Fall 2014 28 day challenge, just a blur!

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The last 3 days have been just a blur of working and then working some more. I’m really looking forward to this weekend so I can try to catch up a little on opening the mail from the last 3 weeks, making sure I paid all of the bills, celebrating my father-in-laws 75th birthday, and finishing my coursework for the eCornell plant based nutrition course.

Our food the last 3 days has been good, but not stellar. Breakfast every day has been my usual oatmeal with fruit and lunch was leftover chili, corn muffins, and fruit the last 2 days and a Subway veggie sub today. I have tomorrow’s lunch planned so I can avoid Subway. Tuesday for supper we ordered a pizza with whole wheat crust and veggies, hold the cheese. My husband got home and after we ate our salads, opened the pizza box to a pizza loaded with cheese and headed back out to get a new one. The new one had tons of veggies, but had a white crust, but we were tired and ate it anyway. Last night we had a great and easy dinner. My husband quartered small red potatoes and boiled them a bit, then chopped red bell pepper and onion and sauteed them in veggie broth, tossed it all on a silicone mat on a tray, sprinkled with garlic powder and baked at 400 degrees while I made a quick salad. After we ate our salads, I broiled the potatoes a couple of min to brown them. Add any other spices you like and Yum!! Tonight we went to our favorite Indian restaurant and had sabji jalfrezi, a veggie dish with a tomato base over rice, nice and spicy. The first bowl they brought out looked different than usual and I had a feeling it may have had cream in it and sure enough, they had to take it back. I learned the mild form of the dish can have cream but we ordered medium spicy and the server wasn’t sure why it had cream but took it back right away and got us a whole new dinner. And, it was spicy, but very good!

Hopefully next week will be calmer and I will be doing more cooking and less eating out. Part of my problem was a too busy weekend last weekend and I didn’t have time to make enough dishes for the week to have leftovers. It was a trade off since we got to see both of our kids and that cheered us both up immensely!

We are also looking forward to our brussel sprouts from the garden and hoping they will be big enough to harvest soon.

Day 23 supper Brussel sprouts

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An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

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