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November musings and sharing the plant based message!

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I don’t know where November went! It has been a whirlwind of working, cooking, and fun and delicious plant based events. It started with hosting a table and speaking at a Natural Health Clinic in Tunkhannock, Pa where there were many wonderful vendors selling their wares and talking about their holistic health practices. I was thrilled to represent plant based eating for better health along with folks who were there to share their knowledge of practices such as Reiki, Shiatsu, massage, meditation, and many others. There were around 900 people who walked through and visited the tables and learned about new modalities and met some people who are passionate about helping folks get healthy. One of my new friends, Edie, spent the day with me and helped me set up and chat with folks about how plant based eating has helped her lose 40 lbs and improved her blood sugars. I was so concerned about conveying my message so people would understand and be interested in trying on a new lifestyle that I barely slept the night before after a cooking frenzy in the evening so I would have samples of some of my favorite dishes for people to try. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the event and some of my Engine 2 crew from PA came to show their support. Even my sister who thinks we’re crazy came and listened to my talk and I hope she will take something positive from it. I talked about how plant based eating has changed our lives immeasurably in the last 2 years and showed a video about Rip Esselstyn and the Engine 2 plan. I also talked about how important support and education are when making a lifestyle change, how plant based eating can prevent and reverse many chronic health conditions, and also shared some success stories from our local Engine 2 group. It was a thrill and in my mind a weighty responsibility to share this message and share it accurately and with passion. It was also wonderful to network with others in the community who have similar passions. I met a lot of kind and interesting folks, some of which who would like to learn more and join our Engine 2 group for our next 28 day challenge in January. I also gave away the new Forks over Knives plan and a copy of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease cookbook. It was fun not to have to sell anything but healthy eating!

Books health fair Edie at health fair Engine 2 board  Table 2 at health fair

Table 3  health fair

Jean at health fair

The week following the Health clinic was the monthly pot luck hosted by my friend Virginia Fennelly, who was also one of the organizers of the Health Clinic. We had some new folks there that we met at the health clinic and had a wonderful meal and some great conversation. My sister even came and had a great time! We were 26 strong and I think the food gets better every time we meet.The coolest part is that this group is a judgement free zone for people to try plant based foods without making any commitment and all are welcome.

pbeg 13 pbeg 1 pbeg 2 pbeg 3 pbeg 4 pbeg 5 pbeg 6 pbeg 7   pbeg 10 pbeg 11

pbeg 8                           pbeg 9

Our last plant based gathering for November was a farewell party for a couple who just joined our group in June and are having fabulous benefits already. They are the oldest members of our group but are young in spirit, open minded, and full of love and generosity! They are leaving for Florida for the winter and we had a pot luck luncheon at their home to wish them well on their journey. Look for Ginny and George in a future installment of our success stories series!

 george and ginny

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An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

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