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“This is a song about vegetables. They keep you regular. They’re real good for you.” -Frank Zappa

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My husband is a huge Frank Zappa fan, so when my future son in law made us rutabaga soup, I decided I had to pull out this song to play after dinner. According to my husband, to Frank, it was all about the music, the words were just “mouth noise'” most of the time. So if this song doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t matter. Here is “Call any vegetable.”  The rutabaga gets a special mention.

“Call any vegetable, call it by name, call one today when you get off the train. Call any vegetable, and the chances are good, that the vegetable will respond to you.”

We had a busy but stress free day today. After my husband got a new tire for his car after his flat the other night, we met at the jeweler where we bought our wedding bands to get my wedding band resized and get a new setting for my engagement ring as it was worn and the prongs were bent. I had lost my little diamond once before and didn’t want to lose it again. We picked a simple setting like the one I already had but sturdier.

Next I had a wonderful massage by a new friend who recently opened her business, Therapy in the Borough, within walking distance of my house. She is kind and gentle and it feels like she really helped loosen my neck and upper back. I’m always cold so I loved the heated massage table.

I was not looking forward to the mall for our next stop, but my daughter needed a dress for a dance at her fiancee’s med school this winter so off we went. It was quite pleasant and we got two dresses since they were on a great sale and I had tons of rewards to use at the store. She looks beautiful in everything which makes shopping much easier, too!

I was glad my daughter was along for the ride since we needed to get groceries for the dinner her fiancee was planning to make at our home tonight. We always look forward to time with the kids and they do a great job cooking plant based meals. Annabelle is plant based but Rob isn’t, but always modifies any recipes he makes at our home to make them plantstrong. I am so happy he is supportive of her choices as I have seen other spouses who are not only unsupportive but even nasty and try to undermine their partner’s choice to eat plant based.

He chose falafal sliders with tahini sauce and swede (rutabaga) and cardamom soup. My husband loves falafal so he was really excited and I was intrigued by the rutabaga soup. I had only ever had rutabaga at home on the holidays and my mother would boil it, mash it and put butter and salt on it and it was always kind of blah and bitter.

Rob hit this one out of the park! He modified a Gordon Ramsey recipe he found for the soup by omitting the oil, substituting almond mllk for heavy cream, veggie broth for chicken broth, and omitting the butter. He used my immersion blender and we decided it was unnecessary to strain the soup. At the table, we grated fresh nutmeg over our bowls and this was a wonderful treat! Rob brought fresh thyme from his family’s garden and fresh parsley, too, which really made the flavor so fresh. He really worked hard to make this soup look and taste just perfect.

Rob with soup

Rutabaga soup

While Rob was busy perfecting the soup, he gave me directions for the falafal mixture. It was easy and super flavorful. The recipe was from Vegan Splendor and the only change we had to make was to leave out the olive oil. We just used some veggie broth instead. The mixture was a little to wet, so I just added extra garbanzo bean flour and some extra spices and they held together perfectly. We baked them in the oven on a silicone mat at 350 for about 15 min on each side. The outside of the patties were browned nicely and the insides were soft and warm. Rob wanted everything to be perfect and I wasn’t sure if these would stick to the mat, so I did put some veg oil on a paper towel and rub it over the mat and then wiped off any excess. We had the patties in pita with tomatoes and lettuce with the tahini sauce. I made the sauce in my mini chopper, and it was super easy. I made a cup of sauce (1/2 c of tahini, 1/2 c of water, lemon juice and garlic) and we had a bunch left. It was high in fat with the tahini but we tried not to use too much.

falafalfalafal with pita

We were quite full when we finished this feast but we still had to have the black bean brownies my daughter made! She found a recipe from Happy Herbivore and instead of cooking them in a square pan, she baked them in our silicone muffin pan, so no oil or parchment needed. They came out like brownie bites and so even though they were a rich treat, they were small. We did also splurge and have a small scoop of vanilla soy ice cream with them.

browniesBrownie with ice cream

Abelle with hat

It’s so nice to have the kids home, and we did splurge a bit. I wouldn’t recommend the ice cream as a regular treat, as it is very sweet. We usually just have it only once in a while for special occasions and this was definitely a special occasion having the kids home cooking with us. Once my daughter graduates from college in May, she will be starting her accelerated Master’s program right away and this winter break may be the last time we have her home for an extended period of time. I am happy and proud she is doing so well in school and has plans to further her education, but sad she will be moving out on her own soon.

Author: theplantbasednurse

An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

One thought on ““This is a song about vegetables. They keep you regular. They’re real good for you.” -Frank Zappa

  1. It sounds like an absolutely perfect day! I think it’s wonderful that Rob is supportive of a plant strong lifestyle! All your food looks amazing! I may have to try the soup soon!

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