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Plant curious? Step one: Watch Forks over Knives!

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Considering taking a bold step to better health by eating a plant based diet? Step one: Watch “Forks over Knives.” You can watch it on Netflix, download it on the Forks over Knives website or ITunes, or buy the DVD from Forks over Knives or Just watch it! I love what Rip Esselstyn says about 2 min into the trailer, ” To me the answer is so simple, it’s criminal. It’s just people starting to take responsibility for their health and starting to eat more plant based foods!”

Check out the trailer below.

This documentary not only changed how we eat, it changed how we think about our food and where it comes from and how it affects our health. Perhaps even more important to the health of our family, it improved our mental health and my husband and I  began to rediscover that we not only liked one another, but maybe even still loved one another and enjoyed being together. I will forever be grateful to my friend Sarah and her friend Brittany for introducing us to this wonderful life changing film and to all the people we have met along the way who have helped us in our quest for better health and finding the most delicious, nutritious food on the planet.

Here is our friend Sarah who casually mentioned Forks over Knives to me and her hesitancy to watch it since her friend Brittany told her it was life changing. She wasn’t quite ready for any major change at the time, so I told her I would watch it. I thought maybe the film was about animal rights since Sarah mentioned something about wanting to eat fewer animal products and I knew she was working with a dog rescue so it made sense to me. I also love documentaries, so it was not exactly work for me to take 90 minutes out of my week to check it out on Netflix.

sarah and kids

Sarah and her wonderful children!

I was totally absorbed in the documentary and flabbergasted that I had never heard this science before about how plant based eating could not only prevent, but also reverse chronic disease. I had been taught a disease was “chronic” because it was irreversible and often progressive. The best a person could hope for was to manage their symptoms if they had heart disease or diabetes. This movie was truly revolutionary to me!

A little over a year after we began our plant based journey, I realized I had never touched base with Sarah’s friend who told her about FOK to thank her. Sarah gave me her name and I looked her up on facebook and sent her a message and had a wonderful chat with her. It is so exciting to see young people like Brittany and Sarah making changes and inspiring others and even more importantly, teaching their children a better way. They will not have to wait until they become ill in middle age to learn about better nutrition. They will be the ones preventing illness and suffering. How exciting is that!

Brittany kisses

Brittany cooking and blowing kisses in the kitchen!

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An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

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