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I haven’t posted since the day before my birthday and it has been a whirlwind here since then! I worked on my birthday and then came home and decided to make both of my favorite things, chili and pasta with homemade sauce. I had plenty of time since my husband had to work late, no really, he did! I actually enjoyed cooking that night and it was on a Monday, so I had plenty of leftovers to enjoy the rest of the week.

bday chili bday pasta bday salad

Since my birthday dinner, we have pretty much been focused on working and trying to put the house back together. So far, the living room is the only room that looks really presentable. As my husband likes to say, we have been living like college students for almost 30 years, so it was time to get some grown up furniture. Now I just have to paint the windowsills on the new windows and figure out curtains of some kind. Decorating is definitely not my gift. I am going to need some guidance in this department.

living room before living room after

It has been interesting and somewhat overwhelming going through boxes of things that we have accumulated over the last 29 years and I have a long way to go! It has been good to take things out of the house and give them away. I am amazed at how easy it is to find homes for things. I have had to throw away very few things. I either post things on Facebook or take them to the leader of our Appalachia Service Project group for our yard sale in the spring.

scarecrow flowers for yard sale

As I reorganize, I am trying to  simplify and make my  life easier to maintain which should hopefully foster a calmer atmosphere. I crave calm but have a tendency to surround myself with unnecessary stuff. My daughter has been very understanding and spent a good bit of the afternoon texting back and forth with me yesterday to let me know  what to keep and what to give away so I could make a workstation in her room. She is leaving our little nest after graduation in May when she will start her  masters in social work studies, We are very  proud!workstation

In between organizing, I have slowly gotten back to cooking. I have even had two friends over for lunch! This is something I always wanted to do, but never made time for. I bought myself some new lunch plates, bowls and mugs and hope to continue this habit of making time for friends on my days off!

lunch plates

chana on new plate

If you are wondering if a plant based lifestyle will ever seem normal to you and become and second nature, it will! In the midst of all of this craziness at our home it never occurred to us to veer from our plant based path. In fact, sometimes it makes me crave my favorite plant based foods even more! I wouldn’t say it ever becomes routine and certainly not ever boring because every day I feel grateful that we have found this way of life. It has led us to better health, a better marriage, new friends, and new adventures!

Remember to have fun with your food and enjoy! 

Author: theplantbasednurse

An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

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