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Glad to be part of Gary’s gang!

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It has been a little quiet at the lately. I have not been feeling terribly inspired as our focus has been on a wonderful member of our family who has been diagnosed with recurrent lung cancer, my father-in-law, Gary.

Gary was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 ½ years ago in the left lung and had the upper lobe of the left lung removed and was declared cancer free. He has been very compliant with all of his medical follow up, quit smoking for good when he had bypass surgery and was very surprised to find the cancer had returned in his right lung.

We are amazed at his positive attitude and his determination to get on with his treatment and do the best he can to beat yet another major health hurdle. He has a fabulous sense of humor and we are enjoying his daily texts in the a.m. which often include the weather report, an update about his sleep, encouragement for our day and a funny quip or joke. Here’s one my husband saved from one of his very early morning texts while still in the hospital:

Ok, it’s 5:30-ever’body up! I can’t sleep-must be layin’ aroun’ too much. Coffee, coffee, where’s the coffee? No problem it’ll be here about 8. Maybe I’ll bug the nurses. Not a good idea-I definitely want to stay on their good side. Ok, I’ll read. See youz later.  

Weather report-16.4 (yes, .4) now, high of 32 (heat wave-ohh, reminds me of a song), rain tomorrow (what? Rain? Really? Yep, really. Get your rubbers out.) Now, to a commercial. Fritos, Fritos, buy more Fritos. Now, back to the news. The bastards, the bastards, they took more of blood! Damn it! He did say I’m the first one up.”

We are also so touched and not a bit surprised by the love and support from his wife Carolyn. They are madly in love and I tell everyone that she is the best private duty nurse. She took fabulous care of her mother and she is a loving and compassionate person.

The thing we keep hearing from Gary, Carolyn and the whole family is that support is essential. They are not asking for medical advice, just good old fashioned love and support. So, in support of Gary’s journey, his brother-in-law’s wife, Sharon, started a Facebook page called Gary’s gang. They have asked all who join his gang to send a picture of him or herself saying “Grrrr” to his cancer. It has been great to see all of his family and friends adding to the Grrrr photos, even his granddog, Vinny, an Italian greyhound adopted by my sister-in-law Laura who wins the prize so far for the scariest Grrrr!


So, if you feel so inclined, stop by Gary’s gang and say Grrrrr to lung cancer!


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An RN with a passion for the plant based lifestyle. Plant based eating saved my marriage, strengthened my family, improved our health, and is a blast!

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