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I love you, that is all…

Ok, so I admit it, I LOVE to talk about food and its relationship to health and wellness and how it can prevent and reverse disease. My family tells me I tend to be obsessed. I’d like to think of it as passion, not obsession, but I get it. I can be a bit much at times.

In light of my father-in-law’s recent illness, I have begun thinking more seriously about the claims that love and support can make us healthier and happier and help us live longer. I have been trying to be more conscious of taking the time to do those important small things like saying, “Hello, and how was your day?” when my husband walks in the door and not slamming him with problems or questions when he gets in the door. I have even been remembering to give him a hug and a kiss when he gets home. I know, ewww. However, these small intentional changes were noticed and it helps me transition to the evening and small moments of joy are always welcome.

I watched a documentary online today that includes some segments by Dean Ornish about the importance of love and support. The documentary is called, “The Connection: Mind your Body,” and it speaks to the power of the mind/body connection and it’s power to help us heal ourselves. You can watch it for free today and tomorrow and then you can download it to stream. It is a very hopeful film and features several cancer survivors. I am very intrigued by the power of meditation and yoga for healing and the film did address the power of these ancient disciplines. Here are some thoughts from Ornish about love and support from his web site:

So, let’s get back to basics and remember to look for ways to give and receive love right where we are. I am reminded of the story of a woman named Jean Christy who called her pastor to ask what she could do for her church. She was 104 at the time and was appointed as her church’s birthday ambassador. She estimated she called at least one person a week to offer birthday wishes. If she could spread a little love and joy at 104, what’s holding us back?IMG_20150320_195425