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Hawaiian BBQ tacos, sinfully easy and delicious!

We decided to try some new recipes and new foods this week, so tonight I made the Hawaiian BBQ tacos from “My Beef with Meat.” It looked easy and we have never eaten tempeh so it looked like a win, win. I found some organic tempeh that only had a couple of ingredients, cultured organic soybeans, lactic acid from plant sources, water, and organic brown rice.

tempehAll I had to do was crumble the tempeh into a nonstick pan and heat it up with some tamari and bbq sauce. I like to make the bbq sauce from FOK but I didn’t have time, so I used Wegman’s organic bbq sauce. It is sweet and spicy, a little too sweet, but it’s an occasional condiment. The taste and texture of the mixture actually reminded me of the Eat loaf from The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease cookbook. The beans reminded me of cannellini beans. It was pretty tasty.

tempeh with bbq

Next I ┬ábaked some corn tortillas over the oven rack. I wasn’t sure how they would come out, so I also baked some in my tortilla molds. I had to adjust them as they folded too much just hanging them over a single wire of the rack. They had a much better shape when I spread them over 2 wires.

tortillasI decided we needed some extra veggies for the tacos, so I chopped some onions, orange bell pepper, romaine, and cherry tomatoes along with the cilantro, and would have loved fresh pineapple but the canned worked just fine. I had some leftover brown jasmine rice I reheated mixed with some salsa to have on the side, too.

taco spreadThis would be a great meal to have if you need something quick and easy to prepare. You could save some time by using prewashed lettuce or other greens and you can add or subtract whatever toppings you like. I have not made a recipe from My Beef with Meat that I did not love yet. Many of the recipes were created and tested by Rip’s sister, Jane Esselstyn, so they’re sure to be a hit.

Have fun with your food and enjoy!

Plated taco